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Badafinitions: The Hottest Words in Gay Lingo (Part 2)

These days, becky or not, you can no longer overlook the value of knowing basic Bekimon or Bekinese. Highly humorous, ever-evolving and awfully entertaining, gay lingo has gone way beyond fad phase now, and it seems no amount of resistance can uproot it from Pinoy pop culture. Obviously still afflicted with Zombadings fever ("Awaaard!"), unveils the third installment of our ever-popular Badafinitions, where we list today's hottest baklese picks for your next "gays night out" convo.


Definition: Another term for aura; peg or look

Etymology: English translation for dating

Usage: "Winona Ryder ang arrive mo girl, royalty levels!"

Translation: "Panalo (win) ang dating mo..."

Babayani Agbayani

Definition: Goodbye

Etymology: "Babay," Colloquial Filipino for "Bye-Bye."

Usage: "Zsa Zsa needsung ko nang gumorabels sa balur. Babayani Agbayani!"

Translation:"Siya, siya, need ko ng pumunta sa bahay. Bye!"

Barat Obama

Definition: Cheapskate

Etymology: Barat, meaning cheapskate.

Usage: "Mega Barat Obama ang lola mo teh. Fishballs lang wiz pa maka-Morgan Freeman."

Translation: "Napakabarat ng lola mo, Ate. Fishballs lang hindi pa makalibre.


Definition: A young becky

Etymology: Becky

Usage: "Nakaka-Lucresia Kasilag ang mga becklings today! Todo kung maka-aura atbooking!"

Translation: "Nakakaloka ang mga bakla today! Todo kung maka-aura at booking!"


Definition: Beckies on BBM

Etymology: Becky

Usage: "Award ang BBM contacts nitey puro blackbeckies!"

Translation: "Panalo ang mga BBM contacts nito puro bakla!"

Bruno Mars

Definition:Manly by day, feminine by night

Etymology: Bruno (a manly name), Mars (from Kumars, term of endearment for Kumare)

Usage: "Echoserang frog 'yang manliligaw mo girl. Bruno Mars ang drama!"

Translation: "Sinungaling 'yang manliligaw mo girl. Kloseta ang drama!"

Cabanatuan City

Definition: Nervous

Etymology: Kaba

Usage: "Cabanatuan City na si merlat dahil tegi siya saketch pag na-sight ko siya."

Translation: "Kabado na si girl dahil patay siya sa akin pag nakita ko siya."


Definition: To ignore

Etymology: Dedma, gayspeak for "dead malice," literal translation for "patay-malisya";singer Jed Madela

Usage: "Witchikels mo pansinin ang mga Bitter Ocampo. Deadmadela ka lang, sis."

Translation: "Huwag mo panisinin ang mga bitter. Dedma ka lang, sis."

Go large

Definition: Go, yes

Usage: "Go large na kahit Chuckie Dreyfus. Wititit na choosy."

Translation: "Go na kahit pangit. Huwag na choosy."


Definition: From the term "have na have;" winner; something favorable

Usage: "Ang havey ng fezticles, parang mowdel."

Translation: "Ang ganda ng face, parang model."

Lady Gaguard

Definition: Female guard, a.k.a. lady guard

Etymology: Lady Gaga + lady guard

Usage: "Lady Gaguard, paki-julisima sinetch at hinarbat ang nyelpaks ko!"

Translation: "Lady guard, pakihuli nga nito at ninakaw ang cellphone ko!"

Laila Dee/Leila D.

Definition: Lazy sex partner

Etymology: Bedmate who just "lies there," thus, Leila.

Usage: "Laila Dee ka nang Laila Dee diyan, ano itey orloks session?!"

Translation: "Nakahiga ka na lang diyan, ano ito, sleeping session?"

Pawis Hilton

Definition: Sweaty

Etymology: Pawis + Paris Hilton

Usage: "Chaka na ang pagka-Pawis Hilton ko very Bahamas lang."

Translation: "Pangit ng pagkapawis ko, very baha lang."

Smelanie Marquez

Definition: Smelly; can also mean to smell

Etymology: Smell + Melanie Marquez

Usage: "Na-imbey mez sa Smelanie Marquez kong katabi aboard Egyptian Airlines!"

Translation: Nainis ako sa mabahong katabi ko sa jeep."

Stressie Tomas Morato

Definition: Tremendously stressed out

Etymology: Stress + Tessie Tomas + Tomas Morato

Usage: "Stressie Tomas Morato na ko kay umbaw. Portugal um-arrive!"

Translation: "Stressed out na ako sa lalaki ko. Ang tagal dumating!"


Definition: An extremely buff, sexy or fit person with an extremely ugly face

Etymology: Superlative of hipon, gay speak for a sexual prospect whose body is desirable but whose head can be disposed of.

Usage: "Go large na sa sugpo. Yummy naman kahit shackles ang fez."

Translation: "Hayaan mo na kahit pangit maganda naman ang katawan."


Definition: An ugly person who dresses up well

Etymology: So to speak, a hipon that's been wrapped in batter

Usage: "Shala nga pero Mars Ravelo Presents, Tempura!"

Translation: "Sosyal nga pero mare, pangit!"

Tikim Atienza

Definition: To taste

Etymology: Tikim + Kim Atienza

Usage: "Tikim Atienza lang ha. Diet aketch."

Translation: "Tikim lang ha. Diet ako."


Definition: Unbeatable; popularized by comedienne Vice Ganda

Etymology: Kabog, to beat.

Usage: "Unkabogable ang bet natin sa Miss U. Pak na pak!"

Translation" "Unbeatable ang bet natin sa Miss U. Wow na wow!"

Whatever Gotesco

Definition: Whatever

Etymology: Whatever + Ever Gotesco, the popular cinema and now mall chain

Usage: "Whatever Gotesco. Lotlot de Leon na akong tiwala sa'yo."

Translation: "Whatever. Nawala na ang tiwala ko sa 'yo."

source: SPOT.PH


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