Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Glee Quizzes

Which Club Should You Join This Year?
Can't choose between sports and singing, or dancing and debating? Take this quiz and find out which extracurricular activity best suits you!

You answered mostly As!

Performance Princess!
Slow down. Are you giving Rachel Berry a run for her money? You are obviously into music and performing. Try the Glee Club, Music Club, Theater Club, or any of their equivalents in your school. You have so much energy that's just dying to come out and wow everyone! Keep doing what you’re doing, and hopefully you'll inspire your classmates to pursue their passions as well.

Which Glee Guy Is Your Perfect Match?
The Boys of McKinley High are all cute but
who rules your heart? Take this quiz to find out.

You answered mostly As!

You're made for Finn.
You're the popular girl in your class so it's only natural that you date the top jock in school. He's sweet and every bit a gentleman.

Which Glee Gal Are You?
As a certified Gleek, it's time to find out which female lead you're most like!

You answered mostly Ds!

Rachel Berry
Perfection must be your middle name! Just like the young ing�nue of McKinley High, you train hard, eat right, and exercise daily to stay in tip-top shape. Because of your single-mindedness to succeed, you sometimes forget about forging friendships and having a laugh. Remember, it's all about the journey and not the destination. Wouldn't a trek to the top be more enjoyable with someone by your side?


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